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#258745 - 21/08/16 11:59 PM /proxy and /firewall
djg Offline
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Hello everyone.

Does anyone have experience using the /proxy & /firewall command? I check on the help file and they both have the same description.

/proxy [-cmN[+|-]d] [on|off] <server> <port> <userid> <password>

The -c switch clears the userid and password values.

The -mN switch set the connection type, where N is 4 or 5 for Socks4 or Socks5, or p for proxy.

The +|-d switch turns dccs through a firewall on or off.

I'm trying to switch from Socks4 to proxy via text command.

if i type /proxy -mP

it still returns "Proxy is on Socks4" --- I want it to go to proxy. frown help thanks

#258749 - 22/08/16 09:47 PM Re: /proxy and /firewall [Re: djg]
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You must pass the on/off state regardless of if you're going to modify it. The port also goes as a seperate argument as the help file suggests

/proxy -mp on 123
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