Remember that features are never voted on and your opinion carries no more weight than the original poster's opinion. A lot of the criticism I've read here is of absolutely no value. Telling the original poster that his suggestion is stupid will not be tolerated. If you don't agree with a suggestion or don't think its worthwhile, just bite your tongue. Khaled will decide for himself what is worthwhile, and I don't think anybody will disagree when I say that he's done a great job of balancing things so far.

That aside, please keep posting constructive criticism. Improve on suggestions or show the poster why his suggestion just wouldn't work or make sense ("you can script it" is not a valuable response).

Remember that people come in here looking to pitch an idea to Khaled, not for other forum members to shoot ideas down.

Those who post ideas, here's a guide you can follow:
  • Has my idea been brought up before?
    Be sure to search the forums first! Failure to search first is rude to those of us who read the forum.
  • Will my idea benefit lots of users?
    I rarely see features added that benefit just a handful of users. You should try to stick to suggestions that would help lots of people.
  • Would it be easy to write a script for my idea?
    If it's something that is very easy to do with scripts, chances are it won't be built into mIRC. (This isn't always the case, but should be considered when posting your idea.)

If you still feel like your idea is worthwhile (and it probably is), post away! You should be prepared for criticism that will hopefully improve on your idea. Khaled rarely responds directly to feature requests, so don't be surprised if it looks like your request has been ignored (don't keep posting in an effort to "bump" your idea up on the list).

Hopefully reading this guide will help keep the suggestions more valuable and the unnecessary comments to a minimum.