Is there anyway to grab song Data from a website such as where they have no JSON Api they only have JS api.

Basically the only way to get the song data is to be on the dj page, say and use API.getMedia() which will return the object

author: "whispersiichan"
cid: "VzEUeWnV73U"
1id: 258284497
image: "//"
title: "Bad Apple!! (HQ, Download, English subtitles)"

I was wondering if it is possible to grab this data out with mIRC, say if I wanted to grab the song data and show it in the chat, and if not mIRC is there anyway to grab this data without having the bot have to join the Plug in a browser window? (Plugging you in screen is slow and I can't connect to more then one in one browser)


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