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#246642 - 23/06/14 02:35 PM ZNC buffer with mIRC
Autrui Offline
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So i've recently updated mIRC to the latest version, and the ZNC buffer was working fine with the previous version. But now i've some troubles... The mIRC buffer (based on ZNC buffer, so), doesn't show the right time. It shows only [03:00:00] for each line of the buffer...
I've not found any option in mIRC in order to fix that... Can anyone help ?


(ZNC buffer configuration : http://puu.sh/9Gy23/32042660eb.png )

#246643 - 23/06/14 02:58 PM Re: ZNC buffer with mIRC [Re: Autrui]
Loki12583 Online
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Before you connect to the server open a debug window with /debug @debug, then check if the lines you receive actually have timestamps. mIRC should always prepend its own timestamp no matter what ZNC is sending though, so you'll get two. You can try to script turning off timestamps when joining znc, I don't know if it sends some data you can depend on to accomplish that though.

#246644 - 23/06/14 03:07 PM Re: ZNC buffer with mIRC [Re: Loki12583]
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Well, there is no timestamps as [H:m:s], but there is @time=1403532085.865 for example.


Before the update I had ZNC timestamps with mIRC time, like that : http://puu.sh/9GzPL/045d003ea9.png

A friend of mine have ZNC & the latest mIRC update, I've checked my ZNC config and it is identical with his, but he has the correct timestamps on his buffer... I don't understand

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#246645 - 23/06/14 08:02 PM Re: ZNC buffer with mIRC [Re: Autrui]
TC_Hessen Offline
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Which version of znc do you use? Maybe your znc conf ist broken. Look at the version.txt of mirc 7.34:

53.Added CAP server-time and znc.in/server-time[-iso] support. Enabled
automatically with a CAP request if server lists it in CAP LS. If a
server message has a @time prefix with a UTC timestamp, $msgstamp
will return this value.

TC / Mario

#246647 - 23/06/14 11:32 PM Re: ZNC buffer with mIRC [Re: Autrui]
Passo Offline
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I have the same problem.

Newest mIRC and ZNC 1.4

HexChat is working fine with the timestamps :\

#246650 - 24/06/14 05:28 AM Re: ZNC buffer with mIRC [Re: Autrui]
Khaled Offline

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I have just tested mIRC v7.34 with the latest version of ZNC v1.5 for Windows and the timestamps are being displayed correctly here. When I enable debugging with /debug on, I can see mIRC enabling CAP znc.in/server-time-iso and from that point onwards it displays the per message timestamp that is sent by ZNC in the @time= prefix.

Are you using any scripts that may be modifying the output? If you install a clean copy of mIRC, with no scripts, using the "portable" option in the installer, into your Windows Documents folder and run mIRC from there, do you see the same issue?

#246653 - 24/06/14 03:06 PM Re: ZNC buffer with mIRC [Re: Khaled]
Autrui Offline
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Soooo... My bad.

I've updated to ZNC 1.4 (was on 1.0 and didn't see there was an update available), and now it's perfectly working with mIRC. Kind of a PEBKAC thing there.

mIRC is perfect, as always smile Thanks for your help !