Just tonight, using 7.32 on Windows 7 64-bit, I tried sending a file to two different people at the same time. As it turned out, one of them timed out the send and one of them got the file, but it was NOT the one shown in the DCC progress button, the one reported at the end of the successful send.

I'm not sure how that could even be possible, but it happened.

To be a little more specific:

I'm initiating DCC Send of the file filename.mpg to both User1 and User2, within a few seconds. User2 appears to not accept and the send to them times out. User1 appears to be accepting the file, although they inform me that it doesn't appear to be coming on their end. When the send is finished, it says that the send to User1 is completed, but User2 actually got the file successfully.