Could anyone recommend any scripts for mIRC which would act as a friend/favorite user list and/or ignored user list? If there's more than one to recommend, then, specifically, I'd like something with the ability to have the people added to the friends list automatically display on the nicklist in a different color than other users - and it would be great if the script worked that way even if they changed the nick temporarily - so that, when I join a channel, I can immediately see that someone from my friend list is online.

And, as far as the ignore list goes, I'm looking for something with more features than mIRC's built-in options of ignoring, a script that would totally hide the presence of the ignored users, so that they're invisible on the nicklist (and even if they use a different nick).

I looked in various places, and only found a recommendation of something called "7th Sphere" so far, but first of all, it isn't downloadable anymore, and second, it actually seems to be a "war script" that will only get its user kicked if it's detected.