I wanted to post this in bug reports but it appears to be an issue with a removed feature so it's here instead.

I'm not sure when the popup dialog changed for when you open an irc hyperlink from a web browser, but the change made it a useless feature. There are only two options now, change to server or open new connection. What if I want to join that channel on the network I'm one, which is the correct one?

I'm connected to rizon and I clicked a hyperlink for a channel on rizon and I get those two options, which means I can't join that channel without disconnecting and reconnecting or opening a new connection.

I'm guessing there is one of two issues. I'm technically connected to irc.broke-it.com which is a server for rizon and mirc might not put 1+1 together and realize i'm on a rizon server and the hyperlink is for a rizon channel. Or somebody screwed up and just removed the option that would let you join the chan in the hyperlink regardless of the server you're on.

So the request here is to either make mirc recognize it's connected to the network the hyperlink has in it or add an option to join that chan regardless of what network/server you are on. It would be better to have the first and if it would join the chan on the proper network even if that network isn't the active window.

there isn't a way to catch external hyperlink clicks with a script is there? I'd make my own script to handle this if it was possible with an event.

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