Chatroom/Query Windows

Recently I decided to give mIRC's Compact Mode a test run. For a 2 weeks I enjoyed its Boddylist-like presentation but in the end I wasn't able to detach from the "classic" Mode. Now that I'm back to Normal Mode I notice that all channels and query windows that I open are opened on the Desktop.

I've tried Reset & Clear Default the Position option under the right click menu of channel & query windows. once they are showing under the main mIRC window then I go back to the Position option for Chatroom and query and Set as Default. Here is the problem, when I restart mIRC both chatroom and query windows open on the desktop. How can I solve this problem?

NOTE: I've checked under Options/Display-Options/Windows Everything is unchecked.


How can I add color to links in chatrooms and query windows? If I can do it for everything including system windows, better.