I recently upgraded to a new computer with Win7-64bit, and also installed the latest mIRC (7.22).

I find that DCC transfers (both sends and gets) are now running much slower than they were on my old WinXP machine. There does not seem to be a fixed limit on the speed of each send or get (they range from about 35 to 100kBps, depending on the other party) but they are all significantly slower than transfers to/from the same users prior to the upgrade. I would estimate the speeds to be about half what they were.

I have optimized all the settings within mIRC (fsend etc.) as well as the Windows IP settings but nothing seemed to make any difference. My WAN speed is fine, over 25Mbps verified by speedtest. Other transfers (e.g. via web browser) seem at least as fast as before.

Has anyone run into this issue? Could it be related to running mIRC under 64-bit Windows? Any ideas or suggestions would be welcome.