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#23229 - 08/05/03 11:57 PM Re: /Names list when joining a channel
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Hoopy frood

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Type /debug -p @debugwnd Then join the channel. You will see mIRC only sends about 3 lines of text, it is not caused by mIRC sending information. If you see more than maybe 3-4 lines of data being sent by mIRC, then the problem is likely that you have a script loaded causing the problem. For example, if you have a script that does /who #channel on a 1000 user channel it will flood you off the server. Try /remote off. And as for saying I've never used other IRC clients, I use mIRC, Klient, Bersirc, .IRC, virc, HydraIRC, Xchat, BitchX, and epic on almost a daily basis.

#23230 - 09/05/03 12:14 AM Re: /Names list when joining a channel
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Hoopy frood

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As far as I'm concerned this thread is at an end due to lack of intelligent answers.

It was explained in explicit detail to you several times. Just because it's not the answer you want to hear does not make the answers wrong. If you are the one who is right then explain why I can join the top five channels on Webnet (About 3500 chatters at peak time) and not get disconnected? It must be something at your end. Now be a good boy and read your signature to yourself a few times.
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