I'm currently doing some dialog and scripting.

I tried to make it somewhat dynamic, by creating %var for where to position buttons, texts, lists and so forth.

It included much experimenting, like how wide would the button be with X characters in it. I'm currently using a formula of 3.2 for each character. ("text" * 3.2 would be like 12.8 -> 12 in width for that button to show the text.)

Everything you do in dialog, is rather hardcoded. If you want to move a button, it has to be hardcoded. And everything else got screwed. If you have, for example, three buttons under eachother and moved one, just also have to move all three.

I tried to learn Python one day, didn't come far. But the placement of elements there are done dynamically.

I'm trying to learn Android. It's a new language, and there too it is dynamic. It also takes into consideration of different screen resolutions.

So, will we see a new system of creating dialogs some day? By NOT using DLLs and done internally but the script editor.