Sometimes - mainly after netsplits - you see a message in your channel saying something like
  • * TS bounce for #BooBooKiTTy - 1029215210(ours) 1029222951(theirs)
  • (sync) Possible negative TS split at link (1029231917 - 1029246261 = -14344)
  • * Notice -- Possible negative TS split at link (1029250832 - 1029250850 = -18)
  • TS resync (#mIRC): Merlin deopped by

There may be other formats on other networks (or you might see them never) - these above lines are just examples to illustrate it.
Ok, TS simply means timestamp. So, when ever something is stored in the servers database, for instance the time you identified, a ban you added for the channel etc., the database will be updated and a time when this change(s) happend will be recorded too.
If a netsplit happens and those servers come together again (relink) they have to verify which of them has the most actual database. If those timestamps don't match, the timestamps will be adjusted and the server sends a notice to the channel.
If for instance a person was opped in a channel, and this doesn't match the most actual database entry this user will be deop'd as you can see in the last line of our examples.

The times shown in those examples is the UNIX Time (the seconds since 01.01.1970) -
and actually can be seen in mIRC if you type //echo -a $time(1029231917)
These messages can safely be ignored - you don't have to worry that you made a mistake somewhere.

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