just discovered the function toolbar.ini and i thought this could help me accomplish what i would like to have.

first step i did was saving the file with /toolbar -fs
after i did the cow example in help file

this is what i get:
n36="Cow","Moo moo!",0,"cow.ico",0,0,0,0,0,0,0,"/echo I am cow, hear my moo","@cow",0,1,0,0,""

So after looking at the lines i thought it was just simple to replace About icon with custom 1, but after that i get large icon's (also large with cow example) instead of 16x16 (i changed icon file so it was only 16x16 but that didn't make any difference, still oversized) and function stopped working.

second problem is how to read such line as it is more simple to edit ini file instead off performing commands.

n34="<name>","<tooltip>",<3>?,"<icon location>",<5>?,<6>?,<7>?,<8>?,<9>?,<10>?,<11>?,"<alias name>?","<rightclick menu>?",<14>?,<15>?,<16>?,<17>?,"<18>?"

above is what i think it should be but what are the rest? <5>, <6>, etc

another problem is how to define rightclick menu, since i don't have any menu named @cow but it did give me a menu that whas already in some of my scripts?

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