Hi ,

Okay, so I wanted to go the #actionscript channel on EFNET and so i fired up my MIRC. and I got the connection refused error. I tried chaning the port but the same thing happened. Usually by changing the port I could get through but this time nothing happened and I kept getting the same error message. Apparantly I am unable to connect to ANY SERVER and Im getting a Connection Refused error message. I went to AFTERNET's homepage and tried connecting throught the JAVA chat. It's not connecting. I tried downloading X-Chat and connecting. It's still not connecting. Same Error!. So I tried connecting through my other computer which is on an ICS and magically it worked there. So basically, something's wrong with my computer and I can't figure out what. I have Kaspersky Anti Virus and I have Outpost firewall installed although I disabled the firewall service and startup since it was slowing the computer down, so as of now only the Kaspersky loads up...

Please help!