Would be great to have aliases to control options in the mIRC options IRC>messages section:

SJIS/JIS conversion

Also it would be great to have the ability to change font AND
font script trough the /font alias and have the window instantly

Switching between different encodes (which are btw in eachothers
way most of the time) is a really annoying thing in a multilingual environment.

Also, if its not too much to ask, right now SJIS/JIS controls both, the display and encode of text. This would be great if it was separate. That way SJIS, JIS and UTF could be displayed, but
the user could chose his prefered INPUT (also done with aliases so that scripts could be made and bind to key combinations, making instant switching possible) and others would see
it aswell, since no matter what it came out, it would either
be properly seen if it was UTF and they had UTF8 display ON,
or if it was SJIS they would see it as SJIS (because mIRC would not encode it as JIS) and if it would be JIS, mIRC could recode it to SJIS.

If this all is too much to ask, then 2 simple aliases to reload the mirc.ini file, and another alias to refresh window settings for font, script, style, etc. and we can at least tweak this.

Othewise, if somone can make a dll to replace SJIS with JIS
text in a line (or JIS with SJIS, depending on the selected way)
id be much greatful since I could halt incoming text events, process them and see JIS with SJIS/JIS off while inputing SJIS, halting the input, processing it and sending it out as JIS.

I think this would be a very great and much desired function.