PLEASE NOTE I DIDNT MAKE THIS. If I had Id know how to fix... Also I dont know who made it so cant ask that person. Anways, Id like it to just say <otherbotlol>[ RS NEWS ]: "Players' Gallery and Wallpapers" on Oct-11-2006
<mine> [RSNEWS] 11-Oct-2006Players' Gallery and Wallpapers*The long-awaited Players' Gallery is here, where poetic penguins, flamethrowers and shark-cuddling awaits the curious adventurer! (took out half of what mine says. to make it easier to read XD) So it only says The News name and date not article.
on $*:text:/^[!@.]rsnews(Check)?/Si:#:{
  VAR %x = 1
  WHILE ($Sock($+(rrnews.,%x))) INC %x
  SET $+(%,rrnews.,%x,.output) $iif($left($1,1) == @,msg $chan,.notice $nick) 
  sockopen $+(rrnews.,%x) 80
  SockMark $+(rrnews.,%x) $replace($2-,$chr(32),+)

on *:sockopen:rrnews.*:{
  if ($sockerr &gt; 0) { $($+(%,$sockname,.output),2) 7Socket 14Error | sockclose $sockname | halt }
  sockwrite -nt $sockname GET /parsers/rsnews.php HTTP/1.1
  sockwrite -nt $sockname Host: $+ $crlf $+ $crlf

on *:sockread:rrnews.*:{
  var %sockread
  sockread %sockread
  if ($sockerr &gt; 0) { $($+(%,$sockname,.output),2) 7Socket 14Error | sockclose $sockname | halt }
  IF (RSNEWS isin %sockread) {
    $($+(%,$sockname,.output),2) %sockread
    SockClose $SockName
    UNSET $+(%,$sockname,.*)

Newbie Scripter. Learning pretty :P