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#157456 - 25/08/06 10:39 AM Switchbar background
Shining_Phoenix Offline
Babel fish

Registered: 18/08/06
Posts: 60
I prefer the Switchbar because unless I'm in a lot of channels, it takes up less space than the Treebar. But one more improvement that can be made on the switchbar is if we could choose it's background color.


#157457 - 26/08/06 02:32 AM Re: Switchbar background
oblivious Offline
Babel fish

Registered: 05/07/06
Posts: 53
you can.

#157458 - 26/08/06 04:54 AM Re: Switchbar background
Jae Offline
Fjord artisan

Registered: 06/02/04
Posts: 201
Loc: Melbourne, Australia
you can, albeit renders buttons in the switchbar in a shocking looking / non themed manner. bug?

#157459 - 26/08/06 10:05 AM Re: Switchbar background
wulf Offline
Ameglian cow

Registered: 25/08/06
Posts: 23
its in the color dialog.

#157460 - 26/08/06 11:54 AM Re: Switchbar background
Rand Offline
Fjord artisan

Registered: 28/02/05
Posts: 342
It's not in the colors dialog (alt+k). The "Tree View" is in the colors dialog.

The only real solution to his problem is to create an image file (you could just use MS Paint), and "fill" it with the color you want.