Dear mIRC User,

mIRC version 6.2 has been released today.

With this release we hope to address the most important comments, requests and remarks we received after the release of version 6.17. The new version fixes quite a few small bugs found in the previous version. We tried to focus on fixing things, making the mIRC 6 series more an more sturdy, but quite a few new features and functions have been added.

How to upgrade?
As you know mIRC is distributed in a self-extracting cabinet (mirc62.exe) that helps you to install mIRC on your PC. Simply download the cabinet and run the installer. Follow the instructions the installer program gives to you. When upgrading all your old settings and scripts will stay as they were, if you want that. Read the questions the installer program asks with care and nothing can go wrong. You will be chatting with the new mIRC in no time. If you get stuck or if you want to find out more about a certain feature, just click on a Help button or browse the Help file and you should find lots of hints to help you out. We also give some information on changed, improved and fixed features and functions below.

Where to download?
For the latest download addresses look on the download page on the mIRC websites. On the mIRC websites also the new mIRC FAQ version 60 ( is available. The FAQ answers a lot of questions regarding mIRC, IRC, DCC and the like. It also includes a tutorial on Aliases, Popups and on 'programming' the Tools/Remote section.

Registering mIRC
As you know, mIRC can be downloaded freely and evaluated for 30 days. If you find that you enjoy using mIRC, it would be great and much appreciated if you registered your copy. This licenses you to keep your copy of mIRC and helps to support our continued work on mIRC. You can find out how to register here.

Fixes, improvements and new features.
mIRC's default toolbar is now customizable through a /toolbar command. You can add, move and delete buttons, add your own icons, and of course, attach your own commands to them. By popular demand also a treebar has been added. This lists network connections with channels, queries and other open windows, much like the switchbar. It behaves like the switchbar in many ways as well. You can expand and collapse trees, just like you would expect. Right-clicking on an item pops up the usual menu for that window. Right-clicking in an empty area of the treebar pops up a menu with various display options.
The treebar width can be set by dragging the border with the mouse, and just as with virtually all other windows the background and text colors can be set in the colors dialog. Just like the toolbar the treebar can be repositioned to the top/bottom/left/right of the main mIRC window!

In the previous version UTF-8 support was added. In this version several UTF-8 related bugs are fixed, including bugs with text wrapping and copy/pasting from UTF-8 "display" or "encode" enabled windows, and bugs relating to the order in which SJIS/JIS and UTF-8 encodings are applied. Much more important is that UTF-8 support has been greatly enhanced in this version of mIRC to allow people all over the world to chat in their own languages, with their own fonts, with a lot less hassle then ever before. To do so support for font substitution/font linking has been added. This allows mIRC to display all characters needed, regardless of the font you are using, assuming you have the required fonts on your system, somewhere. mIRC will try to match font sizes etc. To speed up the process Khaled has implemented his own caching routines to enable fast font/character referencing.

Of course all buggies and most of the other comments and remarks we received after the previous release have been addressed. These include:
  • better support of XP and classic themes,
  • faster re-wrapping of text,
  • fixes for various $regsubex() and $regsub() parsing bugs, for a flood protection bug, for some agent speech bug, and for a bug with the find dialog in desktop window,
  • and mIRC now stores servers that were connected to successfully to prioritize future server connection attempts, ...and a lot more.
For experienced users and scripting enthousiasts this new version has heaps of changes and other new thingies to play with. We encourage you to explore the new or improved identifiers, and the new events that have been added.

Please read the help file in mIRC and the whatsnew.txt on the website to learn about the complete list of changes and their impact. Some changes are obvious, some need getting used to - please take your time to play with them and see how they work. May we invite you to use this Message Board for all questions you might have? The board offers great help with everything related to mIRC!

Thanks for using mIRC, have fun on IRC!