Alright this is a strange one. I have a (negear wireless) router and my netgear wireless card on my win 2000 pc communicates with it. I have set up port forwarding for IRC (tried 1040-1049 and 1050-1059, numbers may be wrong as I am not at my comp). I can receive dcc's, but when someone hits my trigger on my fserve my connection freezes up. Now it doesn't do so in a normal manner. What happens is the I lose connection to IRC, I lose connection to any telnet session I have, ICQ goes offline .. but I can still ping an outside source without a problem. Mind you the connection lose is very very short. It's as if my connection just freezes or jams as the fserve dcc tries to connect. I can't figure it out and was hoping someone had some advice. Oh I should also tell you it was working for a little while (then I restarted my comp and the problem resurfaced).. and no I have no clue what I did to get it work, it just up and decided to run right all of the sudden smile