As it says Anyone got a script that does DCC GETS for you (obviuosly it would need to use sockets to do it). I just dont want to have to do all the leg work of making one if one exists.

Reason to avoid using the internal DCC GET file system is as follows...

I want to build a secure resume, one that checks the contents of the file being sent matches the contents of the part file (already recieved)
Within a tolerance of comparing a 128K block for identicality (is that even a word?)

In the current system im using its pretty clunky, i duplicate the file minus the last 128K then resume to it, i then compare the 1st 128K comming in to the orginal file, if its contents differ I abbort the transfer, and delete the files, and initaite a replacement send whcih starts from scratch.

I would prefer to just replace the DCC GET allowing me to just request the file be resumed 128K back from its current end, and then compare the 1st 128K sent to the file I have, aborting if it does not match.

PS: (i also adjust to ignore the last 8k block that might have been faultly sent during the original send).