When a person gives a dare in the Truth or Dare room, the person giving the dare sets a timer for the amount of time allowed for the dare to be completed. I have added to this a section with a hash table in order to keep track of who has given what dares to whom and how long was allocated for the dare.
What I'd like to do now, is add the ability for other players to rate the dare on a scale of 1 (what? couldn't think of anything better) to 10 (WOW...Is there a better dare out there?)

The command line (if possible) should look like !rate <name of person that gave dare> <dare name/description/number> <rating>

The hash table elements being stored are as follows
       var %address = $gettok($address(%darenick,5),2,33)
      hinc -m dares $+(Dare_Count.,%address)
      var %dare_num = $hget(dares,$+(Dare_Count.,%address))
      hadd -m dares $+(Daree.,%address,%dare_num) %darenick
      hadd -m dares $+(Darer.,$gettok($address($nick,5),2,33),%dare_num) $nick
      hadd -m dares $+(Dare.,%address,%dare_num) $2-
      hadd -m dares $+(Dare_Time.,%address,%dare_num) %daretime

If the rating could also be stored in the table, that would be great.