Greetings and Well Met,

I'm having problems automatically updating and changing our chat channel Topics which are displayed in the network server and on the top title bar in mIRC.Yes the manual method works in pulling up the mIRC submenu and manually updating our channel Topic one at a time, we don't want to do that, we want to write a short routine by which we can automatically update each of our 4 mIRC multi session channels.

Normally in a single session mIRC mode for most IRC chatrooms this is simply accomplished by a similar command to this:

Topic %roomname %topic

However in multi sessons in mIRC the IRC network doesn't accept that command, likely its looking for which server connection that is being sent to and ignoring it since its not correct.

I've tried these which failed:

Topic %roomname %topic
scid -at1 Topic %roomname %topic

On our 3rd connection a moment ago I tried this which failed to work also:

scon 3 Topic %roomname %topic

I suspect the solution is gong to be something similar to this routine:

sockwrite -tn xyz.server. $+ $cid TOPIC %roomname : $+ %topic

I'm certain that plenty of folks have solved this problem and appreciate your help and suggestions.