Its come to my attention that there are now several nicklist.dll files floating around various mIRC-related websites, written by entirely different people, doing entirely different things (somehow). That being said, I'm going to ask this anyway:

How have you people managed to overcome the problem of the taskbar? There IS NO taskbar with picture windows. And lets be frank - the dialog picturenicklists all have one thing in common - they all suck. They're flickery, crappy in graphical effects, and slow down the overall mIRC processes even more than most scripts do (quite an ill-achievement, I must say).

While its quite possible this thread will get no replies here, I'm going to go ahead and post it anyway. So much as one response would be worth the wait.

In general, the only way I can think of to overcome the lack of a taskbar would be to draw one yourself. Thats quite a challenge, but more of a problem for script operations than for one's imagination.

And I hope I haven't disenchanted too many of you with my mdx-phobic response. I'm just not impressed by seeing the horrendous slowdown that mdx dialogs bring with them.