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I found this very funny :p #100475 12/10/04 09:40 PM
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Vogon poet
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Removed useless parts

05:11:18pm * Now talking in #mircscripters
05:11:29pm <skyblueshoes> hey Alan`
05:12:18pm <skyblueshoes> I need a backdoor
05:12:23pm <Alan`> hello
05:12:38pm <Alan`> backdoor for mirc?
05:12:54pm <skyblueshoes> yes...
05:13:09pm <Alan`> you want to hack someone's mirc
05:13:09pm <skyblueshoes> I need to put someone out of commission
05:13:13pm <skyblueshoes> yes
05:13:15pm <Alan`> i see
05:13:25pm <skyblueshoes> he is stealing nicks and email addy's
05:13:31pm <skyblueshoes> and says he can't be touched...
05:13:33pm <Alan`> how so?
05:13:40pm <skyblueshoes> Dalnet won't do anything, so I will
05:13:44pm <skyblueshoes> how so what?
05:13:53pm <skyblueshoes> oh be touched?
05:13:53pm <Alan`> who is he stealing email addy's from
05:14:07pm <skyblueshoes> a girl I know...named sunnyheart on here
05:14:15pm <skyblueshoes> and has threatened to do others
05:14:16pm <Alan`> here's a little trick: /server list mirc mircversion hacks
05:14:31pm * Quits: skyblueshoes (skybluesho@adsl-65-71-93-34.dsl.rcsntx.swbell.net) (Quit: )
05:14:37pm <Alan`> so owned
05:14:53pm * Joins: skyblueshoes (skybluesho@adsl-65-71-93-34.dsl.rcsntx.swbell.net)
05:14:57pm <skyblueshoes> nope
05:15:02pm <skyblueshoes> no list server
05:15:10pm <Alan`> you must not have proper access
05:15:21pm <skyblueshoes> said unable to resolve server list
05:15:25pm <skyblueshoes> you got an ip for it?
05:15:37pm <Alan`> if you had access it would work
05:15:49pm <Alan`> /join #mirc_hacks2,000
05:16:01pm * Parts: skyblueshoes (skybluesho@adsl-65-71-93-34.dsl.rcsntx.swbell.net)
05:16:11pm <Alan`> so owned
05:16:12pm * Joins: skyblueshoes (skybluesho@adsl-65-71-93-34.dsl.rcsntx.swbell.net)
05:16:16pm <Alan`> no access
05:16:19pm <skyblueshoes> I don't know what that did
05:16:22pm <skyblueshoes> just threw me out of here
05:16:29pm <skyblueshoes> hw do I get access?
05:16:30pm <Alan`> cause you had no acess
05:16:48pm <Alan`> no idea
05:16:55pm <skyblueshoes> do you have access?
05:16:59pm <Alan`> i have access, a friend gave it to me
05:17:08pm <skyblueshoes> maybe you could invite me? or ask someone?
05:17:14pm <skyblueshoes> to give me access?
05:18:14pm <skyblueshoes> can ya help me Alan`?
05:18:22pm <skyblueshoes> this is very important
05:18:39pm <skyblueshoes> or maybe just direct me to someone who could take care of my problem?
05:18:55pm <Alan`> if you dont have access i cant help you
05:19:04pm <Alan`> its against the code
05:19:08pm <skyblueshoes> right
05:19:11pm <skyblueshoes> I understand
05:19:32pm <skyblueshoes> I'm fully aware of the code
05:19:44pm <skyblueshoes> but never had a desire/reason before to hack someone
05:20:03pm <skyblueshoes> alan...could you do it?
05:20:14pm <Alan`> sorry, i cant
05:20:20pm <skyblueshoes> nothing too harmful, just somethign to show he CAN be touched and to lay off
05:20:31pm <skyblueshoes> well, do you know The|Back|?
05:20:36pm <skyblueshoes> did he change nicks?
05:20:51pm <skyblueshoes> he and I are cool..he would do it for me
05:20:54pm <skyblueshoes> but I can't find him
05:21:54pm <skyblueshoes> can you at least tell me what it would take, where I can start to get my situation resolved?
05:22:18pm <Alan`> just tell him to be nice, and play cool
05:22:21pm <Alan`> that usually works
05:22:27pm <skyblueshoes> nope...sorry, tried that
05:22:48pm <skyblueshoes> the guy is deranged and bent on revenge for this sweet/nice girl
05:22:54pm <skyblueshoes> he says she broke his heart when she did know such thing
05:23:02pm <skyblueshoes> he stalked her for a year before even talking to her..
05:23:06pm <skyblueshoes> and she was nice to him
05:23:12pm <skyblueshoes> but refused to 'love' him..
05:23:16pm <skyblueshoes> now he wants her life/identity
05:23:33pm <skyblueshoes> and has already stolen her hotmail, got her phone number, stolen 3 of her IRC nicks
05:23:34pm <skyblueshoes> etc...
05:23:42pm <skyblueshoes> and now threatening others for abanning him
05:23:54pm <skyblueshoes> and I tell you this girl does not deserve this
05:24:16pm <Dreamwarper> tell tell tell
05:24:20pm <Alan`> how did he get her phone number
05:25:35pm <skyblueshoes> looked her up i guess
05:25:37pm <skyblueshoes> phone numbers are easy
05:25:58pm <skyblueshoes> but the guy is getting too close for comfort...I talked to him last night for 3 hours and he is not right in the head
05:27:08pm <skyblueshoes> anyway, I have to be afk...
05:27:13pm <Alan`> ok
05:27:15pm <Alan`> good luck
05:27:18pm <skyblueshoes> if you CAN help me in anyway, I would appreciate it
05:27:38pm <skyblueshoes> and if you happen to see The|Back| tell him skyblueshoes is looking for him, he knows where to find me
05:27:55pm <Dreamwarper> I have to be afk...
05:28:39pm <Alan`> ok
05:29:43pm <skyblueshoes> thanks
05:29:46pm * skyblueshoes is now known as sky-away

Re: I found this very funny :p #100476 12/10/04 10:00 PM
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Fjord artisan
Fjord artisan
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AAAAA smirk

velicha dusha moja Gospoda
Re: I found this very funny :p #100477 13/10/04 11:24 AM
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Babel fish
Babel fish
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Well that was my good laugh of the day... welcome to IRC smile


Re: I found this very funny :p #100478 13/10/04 04:27 PM
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Vogon poet
Vogon poet
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Thanks you IRC for this funny moments :P