This is a help (and general information) forum, not one where people come to be called "lame". If you have nothing good to say, dont say anything at all.

There are valid reasons for what he is asking, and granted, there are infact alternatives, i.e.

- They may very well just remove the flag that is showing them the users that are whois'ing them (Usually +W)

- They can simply ban the user perminently, thus stopping them whois'ing him, but not killing "genuine users".

However, they asked for help, not to be insulted.

On *:SNOTICE:*a /whois on you*:{ kill $2 Don't whois me. }

Would kill the user, if you recieve the following SNOTICE: *** NICKNAME (user@host) did a /whois on you.

Eamonn. [Edited to correct coding mistake.]