The instrcuctions that show how to make the needed modficiations of mirc.exe in order to change the mIRC version do not break any of the "rules" set forth by the license agreement.
If you read carefully, the license agreement states the following:

The mIRC distribution install file may not be distributed as a part of any package, and may not have files added to it or removed from it, and none of its contents may be modified, decompiled, or reverse engineered.

Pay attention to the part that says: The mIRC distribution install file. The file mirc.exe is NOT the distribution install file. I think that everybody agrees on this. No "rules" that are stated in the license agreement say anything that prohibits modifing the mirc.exe file.

I hope that this will explain a number of the things to a lot of people who were not sure of the nature of such a post.

Thanks for reading this smile