Assumptions are based on what is most likely. XDCC is *usually* used for illegal file transferring, therefore, an assumption of illegality when XDCC is mentioned has some foundation. Because the vast minority of XDCC users actually use it for legal purposes it's silly to assume that people are. If it was just 'DCC' on its own, that would be a different story.

Secondly, it is common courtesy that if another poster has asked for confirmation on a subject (note: I was only asking for a reply to say what files were being shared, not saying they definitely were sharing illegal files) you do not reply with something that totally disregards and ignores the previous post. I call it 'politeness', I know you are not familiar with that.

Anyway, as the original poster is setting up a seemingly 'personal' XDCC system rather than asking abouts 'bots' and so forth, it is more *likely* that it is not for illegal purposes, hence why I *asked* what files were being shared. No offense to the original poster, I'm sure they can understand that we have a lot of posts related to illegal file sharing so to assume, or at least suspect, the worst is not a totally ridiculous thing to do.