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Posted By: SuprJoint1 Need Help!! - 20/08/04 01:11 AM
I'm looking for a remote script that tells a user requesting a file with /msg command to use /ctcp command instead. If anyone could help me out I would really appreciate it.
Posted By: Coolkill Re: Need Help!! - 20/08/04 01:30 AM
The Script would depend on the actual syntax to request a song, paste the syntax of how someone requests a song so we have a starting point.

Posted By: SuprJoint1 Re: Need Help!! - 20/08/04 02:23 AM
/ctcp SuprJoinT1 XDCC Send #pack number
that is the way it's supposed to be requested
they are requseting it as follows
/msg SuprJoinT1 Xdcc Send #pack number
Posted By: Mentality Re: Need Help!! - 20/08/04 12:10 PM
What kind of files are you distributing with XDCC? You do know that we do not help with the distribution of mp3s/software/movies and other 'warez' don't you (If what is what you're planning to use XDCC for).

Posted By: Coolkill Re: Need Help!! - 20/08/04 12:25 PM
I'll assume your not sharing illegal content, so.. You can use the following which will PREVENT the message window opening if it starts with 'XDCC SEND' and instead notice them to type the /ctcp command instead.

On ^*:Open:?:{
if ($1-2 == XDCC SEND) { .notice $nick Please use, /ctcp $me $1- | haltdef }

Posted By: Mentality Re: Need Help!! - 20/08/04 12:38 PM
* Mentality sighs
Posted By: TonyTheTiger Re: Need Help!! - 21/08/04 05:06 AM
awww why the long face? if it can be assumed that illegal
files are being shared, why can't it be assumed that legal
files are being shared? wink
Posted By: Mentality Re: Need Help!! - 21/08/04 02:27 PM
Assumptions are based on what is most likely. XDCC is *usually* used for illegal file transferring, therefore, an assumption of illegality when XDCC is mentioned has some foundation. Because the vast minority of XDCC users actually use it for legal purposes it's silly to assume that people are. If it was just 'DCC' on its own, that would be a different story.

Secondly, it is common courtesy that if another poster has asked for confirmation on a subject (note: I was only asking for a reply to say what files were being shared, not saying they definitely were sharing illegal files) you do not reply with something that totally disregards and ignores the previous post. I call it 'politeness', I know you are not familiar with that.

Anyway, as the original poster is setting up a seemingly 'personal' XDCC system rather than asking abouts 'bots' and so forth, it is more *likely* that it is not for illegal purposes, hence why I *asked* what files were being shared. No offense to the original poster, I'm sure they can understand that we have a lot of posts related to illegal file sharing so to assume, or at least suspect, the worst is not a totally ridiculous thing to do.

Posted By: TonyTheTiger Re: Need Help!! - 21/08/04 02:41 PM
well perhaps had you replied with some helpful information,
your post would not have been ignored. what is your problem
in this area? are you afraid that these people will go and do
something illegal and the law is going to hold you personally
responsible? I mean, I can understand when it's obvious that
intentions are illegal, but this is not the case here, you have
no idea what this person is sharing so why assume it's
illegal? I mean come on .. I saw you do it in another post,
help, warn and advise, was that so hard?
Posted By: Mentality Re: Need Help!! - 21/08/04 02:52 PM
I was waiting for a response to my question before 'advising'.

I believe my views on this topic are more than advertised throughout the forum, you shouldn't have to look too far. It is not just the illegality, however, I do not like to see mIRC being used like a hybrid KaZaa and it angers me when people are so ignorant that they don't even know what 'IRC' means (not saying the original poster of this thread doesn't, but I see plenty of people in #mIRC channels who have no idea).

This is not going to turn into another 'discuss the rights and wrongs of forum policy' threads. If you really feel this odd urge to discuss my views, feel free to private message me, but I think they are made perfectly clear, and you're not going to get any different answers out of me!

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