I don't think mIRC should need to implement stuff like this simply because of people who have deop/ban protection.That command could just as easily be used for takeovers and have a negative impact far greater than the 'good' aspect. In short, ops in general should be trustworthy people. Adding a command like this just gives the less trustworthy ops who should never have been ops in the first place a chance to do bad things a little bit faster aswell as giving 'good' ops a chance to remove them a bit faster. It's a neverending spiral if mIRC tries to keep with channel politics.

That alias below will perform the commands in the fastest way they can possibly be done. Being internal to mIRC wouldn't make them processed any faster (on the server side at least, which is what's important).

Put this in remotes:
; Usage: /dobk <channel> <nick>
alias dobk .raw MODE #$$1 -o+b $$2 $2 $crlf KICK #$1 $2

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