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Posted By: nalAAlan /ban -o - 04/08/04 08:17 PM
I think mIRC should add a -o option to the /ban command.
/ban -ok #channel thelamer 3 DIE LAMER
would do:
* theop sets mode: -o+b thelamer *!*@host.com
* thelamer was kicked by theop (DIE LAMER)

-o option would deop the user if he was op'd to prevent "thelamer" from using ban protection against the "theop".

I know this would involve much code to do, but I still think it's a simple little feature that wouldn't be hard to make and would be frankly, quite cool.
Posted By: ShinZon Re: /ban -o - 04/08/04 08:37 PM
do it by script....
Posted By: Dotty Re: /ban -o - 04/08/04 09:14 PM
I can only really see this being viable if the person were temporarily opped. You can always choose to kick before banning also, though you run the risk of being a little lagged and having the person rejoin (should they have the option rejoin on kick ticked) before the ban is placed.

I can see this causing some problems, more than some actually, should the person you're wanting to kick/ban also be an AOp or higher in the channel (provided that network uses services that allow things such as AOps). This could create a lot of tension in the ranks and is best dealt with by someone higher up the ladder ie the channel founder should both parties have access in the channel. smile
Posted By: Watchdog Re: /ban -o - 04/08/04 09:29 PM
Unless the IRCd you use has such a prevention feature (or no services) it would still be quite easy to use a good "protection" script to get around your idea. By rights you shouldn't have to kick people with ops - they are supposed to be the trusted people in the room.
Posted By: nalAAlan Re: /ban -o - 05/08/04 01:25 AM
In lots of "lamer" or "newb" channels, they op everyone that comes in, trusted or not, and they most likely have some fullscript which most likely has a "I'll kickban you if you ban me" addon loaded. Removing one of these users can cause a little headache, because once you try and ban them, they immediately ban you, causing you to have to invite yourself back in, unban yourself, deop the user, ban him, and just hope no one has a "I'll kickban you if you join the channel while banned" addon loaded. I'm not saying that this will be like the addition of the if-statement or /filter -k, it will just be a way of using less code.
Posted By: milosh Re: /ban -o - 05/08/04 01:43 AM
I think you already now this, but you can use /mode #channel -o+b nick nick!ident@ip_address.
Posted By: Dotty Re: /ban -o - 05/08/04 05:25 AM
Unfortunately, for those people that load scripts that have "ban protection" (No offense, but I greatly dislike them), they generally manage to take it one step farther and have "deop protection" also. *mutter*
Posted By: starbucks_mafia Re: /ban -o - 05/08/04 10:35 AM
I don't think mIRC should need to implement stuff like this simply because of people who have deop/ban protection.That command could just as easily be used for takeovers and have a negative impact far greater than the 'good' aspect. In short, ops in general should be trustworthy people. Adding a command like this just gives the less trustworthy ops who should never have been ops in the first place a chance to do bad things a little bit faster aswell as giving 'good' ops a chance to remove them a bit faster. It's a neverending spiral if mIRC tries to keep with channel politics.

That alias below will perform the commands in the fastest way they can possibly be done. Being internal to mIRC wouldn't make them processed any faster (on the server side at least, which is what's important).

Put this in remotes:
; Usage: /dobk <channel> <nick>
alias dobk .raw MODE #$$1 -o+b $$2 $2 $crlf KICK #$1 $2
Posted By: sdamon Re: /ban -o - 05/08/04 12:36 PM
unless you are on unreal ircd and services are giveing +a to all users /ban -k (single command kick/ban) should do the trick

on a connection with a lag of .750-1.5 it kickbaned an eggdrop with unban set to putquick
(in other words it worked agenst somthing that fights back fast)
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