I guess I didn't quote the help file properly.

What I meant to show was that using if (%var == $null) compared to if (!%var) is not actually the same comparision (as is quoted by the help file - but I grabbed the wrong lines.. :P).

Strings _can_ effect conditionals:
alias testif {
  var %test = $1-
  echo -s String: %test
  echo -s Lazy True: $iif(%test,y,n)
  echo -s Full True: $iif(%test != $null,y,n)
  echo -s Lazy False: $iif(!%test,y,n)
  echo -s Full False: $iif(%test == $null,y,n)

then /testif 1, /testif 0, /testif $false, /testif $true - you could even manually set variables as '$true' '$false' '0' '1' etc and use $iif - same result.

Of course when one knows exactly what their variable will contain then using the shorter comparisions would come as an advantage, but for things like remote events the 'full' comparisions are more fitting.

I didn't mean to sound confusing. wink