0 = $false = $null for conditional expressions .. all fail.

!0 = $true = string .. all match the condition as not being false.

These are handy to use in several instances:

  var %i = $nick($chan,0) | ; %i is the total number of nicks on $chan
  ; while we have not reached 0, process the nicks backwards
  while (%i) {
    ; Do whatever you need to do in here
    dec %i

The reverse is also handy when working backwards is not an option, such as if you're writing something to a file in order. You can, however, simply check to see if you've run past the end of whatever list you're working from, such as a nicklist or a list @window.
  var %i = 1
  ; While there are more lines to write to the file, keep going.
  while ($line(@ListWin,%i)) {
    write ListWin.txt $ifmatch
    inc %i

  if (!%some.timed.variable) {
    ; !%variable means the logical opposite of that variable; either $true or $false, as described above.
    ; Do whatever needs to be done if the timed variable has:
    ;  1) expired or been /unset ($null)
    ;  2) been reduced to zero (0)
    ;  3) been set to $false ($false)
  else {
    ; Update other stuff if it hasn't. (Anything else is a logical $true.)

Hopefully, these examples will help you to understand. laugh

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