Well qwerty you comment that it is now more consistent but I find the whole concept of the string append shorthand nothing if not inconsistent in the first place since it only applies to a select few identifiers. I was already aware of the shorhand and all the identifiers relating to it, except for $cd because I never use file servers.

Perhaps then, this is more of a feature request than a bug report but whether or not it breaks some scritps I personally feel that this needs to be standardised so that if you want to append strings to directory identifiers then you should be required to use the $+() or $+ identifiers just as in any other scenario. After all, with the way that it is now, some scripts are already broken and I cannot think of a more suitable name for my alias than cdate, given what it does and nor do I wish to have to based on some obscure an inconsistent shortcut for fileservers.