For the last couple of days, every time I connect to irc, my lag meter just keeps going up and up, to the point where it reaches over 200 seconds. I try to close mIRC, but it just freezes - I have to ctrl+alt+del to end it, and even then it sometimes doesn't work. If I don't have mIRC open, I can stay connected to the internet indefinitely - but as soon as I open mIRC this happens. I haven't got a clue as to why this should suddenly happen - I upgraded to 6.15 and it happened for the first time then, so I went back to 6.14 and it's still doing it. I use mIRC with Peace and Protection, same as I have for a couple of years now and never had this problem before. It's not the server either, as it's only happening to me. Any ideas or suggestions much appreciated!

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