Hi all.
i use this to kick on bad language:

on @1:text:*:#: {
set %i 0
inc %i 1
set %currentsword $read -l $+ %i $mircdirtxtfiles\swear.txt
if (%currentsword == $null) { .unset %i | goto end }
else {
if (%currentsword isin $1-) { goto offense }
else { goto checking }
if ($nick !isop $chan) { /swearkick }
.goto end
Now, lets say the bad word is 'opera'. then the bot will kick.
but it also kicks on 'stopera'. wich is a opera building in the Netherlands.
How can i make the bot to kick only the 'opera' and not the 'stopera'. and other words ofcourse smile

With greetings

Deridio fatum