mErk kicked me for flooding in a timespan of 4 lines in 15 seconds

..this is probably their script.

Secondly There is a program that it alright ( not hte best but alright) for learning how to make dialog box's.
It used to be avaliable at:
..but the link seems to now be unavaliable.
Although if anyone knows where to get it. or even a better newer program that works better. Please post it, as it might be easier for liam2maps to learn to use dialogs.

You are probably after the following:
  combo 1, 20 30 60 50, size drop

"combo" makes it a "combo box" the "drop" makes it a "drop down" combo box. which i believe is what you are after
for more info on this. its in /help /dialog
now to add lines to it you will need to goto /help /$read and read about reading files. aswell as read up on the /did command /help /did

now using:
The /did command
/did -ftebvhnmcukradiogj name id [n] [text | filename]

with these flags: (selecting the one needed)
-r clear all text in id
-a add line of text to end
-d delete Nth line
-i insert text at Nth line
-o overwrite Nth line with text
should do the trick