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Posted By: liam2maps Boxes and Windows - 24/02/04 08:29 AM
Hello there. A while ago I saw a script that made some box or window come out from mirc. This was controlling certain options in the channel. It wasn't a popup window from right or left clicking. I would like to know if it is possible for me to make one and how so.
Posted By: tidy_trax Re: Boxes and Windows - 24/02/04 10:05 AM
try double clicking a channel window.
Posted By: liam2maps Re: Boxes and Windows - 25/02/04 10:06 AM
No it wasn't a box like that. It was a custom made box. Like one he scripted himself. I know how to get Channel Central up :P

I think he also made some MP3 script player as well. It to used some dialog message window.
Posted By: Jae Re: Boxes and Windows - 25/02/04 06:48 PM
Maybe you are after this:
/help /dialog
Prolly a little too much info in one little subject. But Still yet not enough. If you need help with a particular htingu dont understand trowl through a search of the forums, if u cant find your answer feel free to ask.

Posted By: liam2maps Re: Boxes and Windows - 26/02/04 08:06 AM
Thanks that might help. More info later as I try getting it to work. Cheers smile
Posted By: liam2maps Re: Boxes and Windows - 27/02/04 04:22 PM
Ok it works. I tried visiting some mirc channels but I was abused by some fools called Kazuki and Julie2. Apparently I flooded because I tried to reveal some spammers whois information as well as showing them their rudeness. Oh well the internet is full of misguided souls.

Anywho back to my dialog problem. I know what to do but I do not know how to get there. See the problem is I have a text file that acts as a playlist for music. I want to use the playlist as a dropdown box where I can select the music file and play it (using a button for the play). I want to know what methods I should use to do this.
Posted By: liam2maps Re: Boxes and Windows - 27/02/04 05:04 PM
I was getting somewhere on one of the channels when some idiot called mErk kicked me for flooding in a timespan of 4 lines in 15 seconds. Maybe he was stupid or drunk or both. Does anyone have any help to give. So far although there have been some majorly rude and misguided people Julie2, Kazuki and mERK there have been a couple who decided to help. They know who they are and I want to say a thanks to them.

I have had some websites provided which is nice as well but I still would like some more.
Posted By: Jae Re: Boxes and Windows - 27/02/04 05:58 PM
mErk kicked me for flooding in a timespan of 4 lines in 15 seconds

..this is probably their script.

Secondly There is a program that it alright ( not hte best but alright) for learning how to make dialog box's.
It used to be avaliable at:
..but the link seems to now be unavaliable.
Although if anyone knows where to get it. or even a better newer program that works better. Please post it, as it might be easier for liam2maps to learn to use dialogs.

You are probably after the following:
  combo 1, 20 30 60 50, size drop

"combo" makes it a "combo box" the "drop" makes it a "drop down" combo box. which i believe is what you are after
for more info on this. its in /help /dialog
now to add lines to it you will need to goto /help /$read and read about reading files. aswell as read up on the /did command /help /did

now using:
The /did command
/did -ftebvhnmcukradiogj name id [n] [text | filename]

with these flags: (selecting the one needed)
-r clear all text in id
-a add line of text to end
-d delete Nth line
-i insert text at Nth line
-o overwrite Nth line with text
should do the trick
Posted By: liam2maps Re: Boxes and Windows - 28/02/04 01:17 AM
Hey Jae thanks for helping me. Nice to see some help here. I am making some progress. This is more of a learning experience more than anything.
Posted By: Man Re: Boxes and Windows - 28/02/04 02:46 PM
The link should work in a few days. The server that mircscripts.org was on has a severe hardware collapse, and lost all the files. Fortunatly there is a back up from about a month ago which should be loaded up onto a new server soon.
Posted By: Iori Re: Boxes and Windows - 02/03/04 05:23 AM
Here's a really simple example, shows you the basics. Change file.txt to the real filename and type "/xmp3x"
alias xmp3x dialog -m xmp3x xmp3x
dialog xMP3x {
  title mp3
  option dbu
  size -1 -1 200 50
  combo 1, 5 5 190 100,size drop hsbar vsbar
  button "Play" 2, 50 26 40 15
  button "OK" 3, 100 26 40 15,ok
on *:DIALOG:xMP3x:init:0:{
  filter -fo [color:blue]file.txt[/color] xMP3x 1 *.mp3
  did -z xMP3x 1
on *:DIALOG:xMP3x:sclick:2:{
  splay $$did(1)
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