What I meant is not implemented in mIRC in any way right now.

In C, you have string descriptors, which are %s (for strings), %d (for integers), %ld (for long integers), %c (for characters), and %f (for floats).

All of these can be used inside of a string such as so:
char $world[30];
$world = "World!"

sprintf(buf, "Hello %s!", $world);

You can add numbers to these formatting codes to introduce alignment.

So therefor if you did this:
sprintf(buf, "Hello %-15s!", $world);

It would turn out like this:
Hello World          !

This is used to align fixed-length fonts so you can make pretty boxes and stuff.

I think this would be cool to see in mIRC one day.

Only a programmer in C would probably know what I am talking about.

But anyways, good day!