You mean 'fewer' problems? While I am at it, your grammar is not the only thing that requires attention. Linux = fewer problems because Linux has a smaller following. If you were the author of a virus, EG: a DDoS trojan, are you going to want to infect 5% of the computers in the world or 90%? Hackers and virus authors arn't stupid, they just lack respect for the privacy of others. They do have an idea of what efficiency and productivity is like and aiming to infect 90% of computers is going to provide a bigger 'bang' on D Day.

- Actually if anything OSes like UNIX should be getting more attacks than Windows since the entire backbone of the internet is built around computers using it; a smart troublemaker goes for the moneyshot rather than the large number of people with no 'power' - with the exception of DDoS of course. And BTW, 90% vs 5%? I think your numbers need some revising.

Not that it really matters, this thread would be a whole lot better if it could keep from becoming an all out OS-bitchfest.

If mIRC went open source I would stop using it.

- That has absolutely no logic to it whatsoever. Being open source wouldn't change what mIRC is, it just means that it's possible for other people to submit code which may or may not be approved to be used, and depending on the licence, could allow other people to release their own versions. I'm not saying I think mIRC should be open source, I'm just saying that your comment makes no sense.

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