on *:TEXT:*:#: {
  var %badwords = [color:Red]f--k sh-t a-s b-tch c-n-[/color]
  var %w = 1
  while ($gettok(%badwords, %w, 32)) {
    var %word = $ifmatch
    if ($istok($1-, %word, 32)) {
      [color:blue];/kick $chan $nick Swearing
      ;/mode $chan +bb $nick $address($nick, 11)
      ;/msg $chan $nick $+ : Do not swear in this channel[/color]
    /inc %p

This is a little better, SS217

Original Poster:

Change the words in red to those you want to be filtered. Being this is a public forums, i self censored them already. Then, remove the ; before any of the sections in blue to do the command that fits. First one kicks, second bans, lat messages channel.