on *:TEXT:*:#yourchannel: { 
if (badword isin $1-) { commands here ex. msg or kick }
elseif (badword2 isin $1-) { commands here ex msg or kick }
else { halt }

Should work nicely for you, replace #yourchannel with the channel you want it to be for or # for all channels you join, replace badword with your own badwords and commands here ex.msg or kick with the command you want to send with someone says badword. You can add more by typing elseif (badwordgoeshere isin $1-) { commands you want }

Breaking down the script it means this when anyone says anything to channel #yourchan it looks to see if badword isin $1- $1- meaning parameter 1 or on if it isn't it goes to the elseif and checks for badword 2, if that isn't it goes to the else statement, which tells the script to stop running with the /halt command.