I wrote up this script that I use to cut up my input so that it comes out in mulitple spats when I'm typeing it up in IRC. A lot of what I'm doing on irc, requires this. My script looks like this, it's found in the Events section.

on 1:input:*: { 
  %usertext  = $1-
  %textlen   = $len(%usertext)
  %firsttime = 1
  if (%textlen > 400) {
    while (%textlen > 400) { 
      %pos = 400 
      if %pos < 370 goto end | 
      %chara = $mid(%usertext, %pos, 1) 
      if $asc(%chara) == 32 goto end | 
      %pos = %pos - 1 
      goto loop 
      %outtext = $left(%usertext, %pos - 1) 
      if (%firsttime == 0) { 
        /say <-cont-> %outtext <-next-> 
      if (%firsttime == 1) { 
        %prefix = $left(%outtext, 4) 
        %mtch = { /me  } 
        if (%prefix == %mtch) {
          %outtext <-next->
        if (%prefix != %mtch) {
          /say %outtext <-next->
        %firsttime = 0 
      %cuttext  = $remove(%usertext, %outtext) 
      %usertext = %cuttext
      %textlen  = $len(%usertext)
    /say <-cont-> %usertext <-end->

The code is sloppy because I found I was haveing difficulty with some details. maybe someone can help me out but that's beyond the point. Here's the REAL point.

If I type something too long in the main text window, mIRC Automaticly hits Return when I reach the end which is what I DON'T want, but the text is far too long to even store as a variable and my script fails, hence people see only one line of cropped text thrown back at them and I'm forced to go back and repost what I'm saying, and start a new post all together to finish it up which isn't what I'm aiming for.

Yes, I want to enter in a near novels worth of text into the input bar, and have it neatly cut up and pasted to the server automaticly via this or another script. If the input control can't have it's buffer increased to support more characters, can then it NOT automaticly hit Return when I reach the end?