The link contains a trojan/backdoor. It gives 404 msg when opened in Firebird browser, but I guess it downloads the file fine on IE. I downloaded the file via DAP, it's a 98KB exe file with a nice-looking mIRC icon.

Info from a friend:
[10:40:04] <Spaceman-Spiff> want the exe?
[10:40:13] <ai> why not
[%] successfully sent [] (27.3kb) to ai at [13.6kb/s] in..::2 seconds::..
[10:40:44] <Spaceman-Spiff> nice mirc icon, it has XD
[10:41:27] <ai> also sdbot
[10:41:38] <ai> sdbot is popular as backdoor these days
[10:44:17] <ai> this time it isn't encryped
[10:44:24] <Spaceman-Spiff> ic
[10:44:42] <ai> so its much more lame attempt
[10:44:53] <Spaceman-Spiff> any removal method?
[10:48:00] <ai> remove the advapi service
[10:50:39] <ai> possible botnet: #test0r

hope that helps, thx to ai/hsim for the info