Don't know if anyone else has received this message upon entering a channel or not, but I'm guessing its not a real patch as I've seen nothing about it here on the website or in the forums......

IMPORTANT: It has recently been reported that there is a major bug in -mIRC6.12, allowing malicous users to execute commands remotely, update your mIRC with a patch file you can get it from ~removed~ and help us eradicate this threat, ENJOY & Happy New Year! - Network Security Team

I've received that on several differnt networks, i'm gussing its a virus or something if you run the patch. As each person that i've received it from is only running version 6.12, that would seem to me to be a dead giveaway, but then alot of new(er) users would take what it says as true.

Hope this hasn't been posted before , I looked but couldn't find anything about it and hope it was right to post it, if not I appoligize for my mistake.

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