"It's just that this topic is moving further and further down, and posting a reply doesn't bump it up to the top. I also haven't really seen any official replies such as from Khaled or any mods, and it looks like this issue is getting hopeless. "

Most ppl here set it so that it shows active threads, so that regardless of how old a thread is, any activity on it essentially keeps it "at the top".

Ppl make feature suggestions, others add their input on it, Khaled reads them all. Since Khaled is the only one who makes that kind of decision and implements it or not, there really isnt any reply a mod could make other than to agree/disagree and assure you that Khaled does indeed read these forums. He very very very rarely comments that something will "be fixed next version" or that something is on his list to implement (or where on that list) or posts a reason why something isnt under consideration. He simply doesnt make announcements in advance of any features/changes. Lack of a reply from him or a moderator doesnt indicate in any way whether this is under consideration or not.

ParaBrat @#mIRCAide DALnet