mirc 6.1 and 6.12 are great! except that it must be payed, the older mirc was free and that was one of its much great things.. hmm. well, i wanted to say:
i wrote a script that crawls over a file with the old $read and the new /fopen methods and counts the time. the results with a 21.88KB text file are:
$read: 1531 ms
/fopen: 250 ms
congrats, much faster, and practic smile
it cant open read-only files. i'm sure its because mirc tryes to open it for read and write, and it does not have permission for write. that's why i suggest to put a new switch into /fopen like -r that would open it only for reading. or adding -r and -w and you must have specified at least one, -r for read, -w for write, -rw for read and write smile

please help this smile

Khaled, if you fix it but you want to wait with releasing it until the next version, please release something like a 'service pack'.. or a simple mirc v6.1201 or 6.121 smile

sorry for my bad english
watch out when you're in front of my scalar howitzer smile

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