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/fopen bug (Khaled, check it!) :)

Posted By: GodGell

/fopen bug (Khaled, check it!) :) - 16/11/03 03:28 AM

mirc 6.1 and 6.12 are great! except that it must be payed, the older mirc was free and that was one of its much great things.. hmm. well, i wanted to say:
i wrote a script that crawls over a file with the old $read and the new /fopen methods and counts the time. the results with a 21.88KB text file are:
$read: 1531 ms
/fopen: 250 ms
congrats, much faster, and practic smile
it cant open read-only files. i'm sure its because mirc tryes to open it for read and write, and it does not have permission for write. that's why i suggest to put a new switch into /fopen like -r that would open it only for reading. or adding -r and -w and you must have specified at least one, -r for read, -w for write, -rw for read and write smile

please help this smile

Khaled, if you fix it but you want to wait with releasing it until the next version, please release something like a 'service pack'.. or a simple mirc v6.1201 or 6.121 smile
Posted By: sparta

Re: /fopen bug (Khaled, check it!) :) - 16/11/03 04:23 AM

mirc was never free.. only that you could hide the "register" thingie, so it's the same as befor.. and try to search this foum, then you find many posts about this
Posted By: oracel

Re: /fopen bug (Khaled, check it!) :) - 16/11/03 05:36 PM

Sounds like a good idea to me. The default (no -r,-w or -rw switch) should be read & write though.
Posted By: GodGell

Re: /fopen bug (Khaled, check it!) :) - 17/11/03 08:06 PM

heeeey laugh
lets just say mirc was free and you was able to donate Khaled smile i havent find any other topix on /fopen. smile
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