THak you for the help I did try one more thing out.....When I was on a channel and I opened a second channel (IE Efnet then I went to Dalnet) THe first channel "Freezes" like a time out...I tried to join a channel again did it 3 times and came up with the 10053 error I looked but couldnt find anyone with having the channel "freeze" that I have frown This is sad before I upgradded to 6.12 Everything worked fine and I could open multiple channels on multiple servers and download multiple files with no problem now all I get the ability to do is open one channel and if I try to transfer anything it "freezes as soon as the transfer starts lie the transfer or the second server tha I go to "pauses" or freezes the privious ones. PLease anyone with a clue of how to help me please do I have reinstalled 6.12 3 times now and ran AV twice with nothing helping

THank you in advance as always for any help anyone can give.