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Connection Problems please help

Posted By: Ph8te

Connection Problems please help - 30/10/03 05:00 PM

I have been having a little problem with ver 6.12 whenever I try to open more than one server it "freezes" the previous server and channel. They will stop updating with new info and then the "new" open server will be the one that I am able to command. This also happens when attempting a file transfer the channel and server that are open will freeze once the file transfer starts. Can any one help me??? I used to be able to have multiple downloads and servers open with no problem....Thank you for any help you can give me...I tried to look but havent found anyone with a similar problem.
Posted By: Mentality

Re: Connection Problems please help - 30/10/03 10:36 PM

I don't know what would be causing this. Try making sure you have no other applications open.

It is possible a virus may be causing this (they often cause strange, erratic behaviour) - Look at this page for ideas.

If it isn't any of the above, try reinstalling mIRC and make sure you get the .exe file from the only truly legitimate source, which is of course http://www.mirc.com/get.html.


Posted By: Ph8te

Re: Connection Problems please help - 03/11/03 09:25 PM

THak you for the help I did try one more thing out.....When I was on a channel and I opened a second channel (IE Efnet then I went to Dalnet) THe first channel "Freezes" like a time out...I tried to join a channel again did it 3 times and came up with the 10053 error I looked but couldnt find anyone with having the channel "freeze" that I have frown This is sad before I upgradded to 6.12 Everything worked fine and I could open multiple channels on multiple servers and download multiple files with no problem now all I get the ability to do is open one channel and if I try to transfer anything it "freezes as soon as the transfer starts lie the transfer or the second server tha I go to "pauses" or freezes the privious ones. PLease anyone with a clue of how to help me please do I have reinstalled 6.12 3 times now and ran AV twice with nothing helping

THank you in advance as always for any help anyone can give.
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