AKO (&Poppy):
> ...this would involve massive dictionary files...

Like DekuHaze said, I didn't talk about dictionary files. My Idea was to autocomplete Words already written in the current chatwindow. In the word cycle the most recent words in the chatwindow should be shown first. In case you're replying somebody you only have to press tab a few times.

> This is a completely USELESS feature.

Are you sure? Imagine somebody posted a long URL and you want to repeat it as a reply. Some Languages, like German have agminated words, so they can get quite long. It's a good thing to write words fast. But its even better to write them faster wink

>Could you image a 5000 line chat dialog with every word in memory by mirc as an autocomplete entry.. Can you say ram intensive?

Well, there already exists a chat buffer that holds all chat lines that are visible to you. The autocomplete routine scans through this buffer. There is no need to allocate another one. By integrating the autocomplete thing, there is no more ram needed than it is now.

Also the performance is not a problem. It's like searching a word through a text file... i should say *quite* fast smile